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Some Interesting Association Football Facts

Some very interesting football facts can be found if you do a little searching. The game of football today has been around for about 150 years. It was England, 1863, and association football and the game of rugby split and headed into two separate directions. This is when we had our formulation of the very first football association, and it was known as ‘The Football Association of England’.The family tree for both types of football has a long history. They have quite a bit in common, and are both huge players in the development of modern day football. They have been traced back to over six different games altogether, which have played a big part in forming our football game as we know it today.

The difficulty that’s involved in controlling a ball with the feet was a driving force in the game of soccer, which is football overseas. It’s physical challenges created a great setting for competition, where talented men came to be in demand for representing different clubs and areas in competing challenges. The ones who stood out we would equate now with our NFL stars.An old military exercise manual has an element of what was then called the ‘Tsu’Chu’. This was a type of exercise that involved the basic elements of kicking and controlling a ball with precision and skill, and this dated as far back as the third century before Christ.

The ball for this exercise was filled with feathers and mixed with hair. The goal was to put the ball into a small opening in a net that was stretched between two canes made of bamboo. (Like Soccer).This brought on one of the most obvious differences in the two styles of football we know today. In our modern American football, the hands are used extensively in playing the game, whereas in soccer they are not allowed and will cause you to incur penalties if used. But our NFL football uses the hands for running (Carrying), passing, catching, and lateraling the ball, while it also includes some foot action with kickoffs, punting, and field goals.

Learn The Rules Of Association Football

Without rules all you end up with on a playing pitch is a lot of confusion and too many fights. A game without rules leaves its participants wondering what they are supposed to do or how to do it. Association football has seventeen specific rule points to organize the play action. While these seventeen rules cover all aspects of play, they are written in broad enough terms to make them easily understood and yet allow the referee leeway in determining when a player has made an infraction.The Seventeen Laws of the Game as devised by the Football Association were originally codified in 1863.

While other organizations had created their own rules and practices, these were the ones that were eventually accepted by almost everyone and the basis of the rules today. They are also the rules that hold sway in the International Football Association Board rulings. Compared to the rulebooks of other games, the fifty-page pamphlet governing association football seems small. But with the discretionary powers allowed the referee, it contains all a player needs for a full understanding of his actions.

The first few Laws of association football are concerned with the size and setup of the playing pitch, “The Field of Play”, and the equipment required for the game. There are included here specific considerations for the markings on the field and even the color of the goal posts. The shape, size and weight of the spherical ball are also regulated. It codifies both professional sized balls and the various sizes used in other football venues. The Laws set out the criteria for replacing a ball during play if it has become defective due to damage or adverse weather conditions.

The maximum and minimum number of players that can make up a team are put forth as well as regulations on how and when substitutions can be made. It should be noted that substitutions are a modern refinement of the game as before the 1970’s no such procedure was allowed. The rules are firmly enforced about the uniform equipment. Shirt, shorts, socks, shoes and shin guards comprise the entirety of what can be worn. No objects, including jewelry or time pieces, that could endanger a player are allowed on the pitch.


Basic Facts About Association Football

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Association Football Understanding

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Association Football-A Review

These days Soccer fever is caught up in the world, Soccer which is one of the most popular sports on our planet is dependent on one thing without which there wouldnt been a game of soccer and guess what it is, yes you are right it is the Soccer Ball. Interested to know how this small spherical structure created one of the most popular game of History, then browse down to find them.Certain ancient Egyptian rites as told by historians have similarities with the present day football, and also both the ancient Romans and Greeks played a game that entailed as carrying and kicking a ball. During the Han Dynasty (255 BC-220 AD), the Chinese played ‘tsu chu’, in which animal-skin balls were dribbled through gaps in a net stretched between the poles.

According to pre-medieval legend, an entire village would kick a skull along a path to a nearby village square. Then the opposing village would in turn attempt to kick the skull to the first village’s square. That would have for sure probably caused more riots than in modern soccer games.A Medieval custom was to take pig bladders used from live stock which were killed in preparation for winter sustenance and then inflate them. They would play a game using their feet and hands to keep the “ball” in the air. They would cover these animal bladder balls eventually with leather for better shape retention.Prior to 1836, the year in which Charles Goodyear patented vulcanized rubber, balls were dependant on the size and shape of the pig’s bladder.

More irregular the bladder, more unpredictable the behavior of the soccer balls was when kicked. In 1855, Charles Goodyear designed and built in what is called the first vulcanized rubber soccer balls or footballs.The year when the first Football association namely English Football Association was formed in the year of 1863, it had no laws for the soccer ball. No specific description of the soccer ball was offered in the first set of rules. When the revised rules came up in 1872 it was agreed that the soccer ball “must be spherical with a circumference of 27 to 28 inches” (68.6 cm to 71.1 cm). The same rule remains even in today’s FIFA Laws.