Some Interesting Association Football Facts

Some very interesting football facts can be found if you do a little searching. The game of football today has been around for about 150 years. It was England, 1863, and association football and the game of rugby split and headed into two separate directions. This is when we had our formulation of the very first football association, and it was known as ‘The Football Association of England’.The family tree for both types of football has a long history. They have quite a bit in common, and are both huge players in the development of modern day football. They have been traced back to over six different games altogether, which have played a big part in forming our football game as we know it today.

The difficulty that’s involved in controlling a ball with the feet was a driving force in the game of soccer, which is football overseas. It’s physical challenges created a great setting for competition, where talented men came to be in demand for representing different clubs and areas in competing challenges. The ones who stood out we would equate now with our NFL stars.An old military exercise manual has an element of what was then called the ‘Tsu’Chu’. This was a type of exercise that involved the basic elements of kicking and controlling a ball with precision and skill, and this dated as far back as the third century before Christ.

The ball for this exercise was filled with feathers and mixed with hair. The goal was to put the ball into a small opening in a net that was stretched between two canes made of bamboo. (Like Soccer).This brought on one of the most obvious differences in the two styles of football we know today. In our modern American football, the hands are used extensively in playing the game, whereas in soccer they are not allowed and will cause you to incur penalties if used. But our NFL football uses the hands for running (Carrying), passing, catching, and lateraling the ball, while it also includes some foot action with kickoffs, punting, and field goals.

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